We repair pushing basement walls the correct way, utilizing engineered standards. This requires us to excavate and remove the old dirt and clay and replace it with gravel so that water can’t build up pressure against the wall. Here’s how it’s done:

First, our experienced installers excavate the problem wall to the footings.

We only use high quality equipment including well maintained Bobcat skidsteers and mini excavators like those pictured here, and a fleet of dedicated trucks


Next, we correct the problem wall using a simple but effective wall straightening jacking system, until the wall is plumb.

Next, we install new drain tile and a waterproof membrane to keep water away from the wall. We backfill with new clean gravel.

That encourages water to travel downward (vs. sideways), as shown in the diagram below, and ensures that the pressure against the problem wall is abated.

Inside, structural steel beams are placed at engineered distances apart, which ensures that your basement wall remains straight for years to come.

At the end, you have a strong and straight foundation wall that will provide many years of service—we guarantee it!