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DryBrite™ Wall Protection

  • DryBrite™ Wall Protection should be recommended to anyone that has ever had water come through the wall.  Wall protection is vital in that case.  A sub floor system is for water in the block, and will eliminate that, but if water is entering through the wall, then a block wall is behaving like a poured wall and that merits protection.  It should be offered as an option on nearly every water control quote, just as full perimeter water control should be offered as an option where we are only doing a partial.  This helps us down the road if there is water intrusion in an area we didn’t work on, we don’t get that “you should have recommended more” as a service issue.
  • Wall protection covers up minor cracks, previous repairs etc.  It corrects uneven paint jobs, and covers up prior evidence of effluoresence.  From a cosmetic standpoint that is critical to not frightening a future buyer of the home.  It is not a substitute for a good water control system, and we will not sell it that way!
  • It is economical compared to framing and drywalling, and will not be permanently damaged by flooding, say if they had a backup in their drain lines, plumbing leak etc.  Also, they don’t need to move their electrical, plumbing lines and such as they would need to with a drywall installation.  The pieces can be cut to fit around obstacles.
  • It adds light and bright to the basement and changes the look entirely!

Basement Basement

It also dovetails into things like glass block windows where they now have a brand new look in their entire basement except for those ugly old wood windows, so you can add that one on too.  Having a good looking clean and dry basement is a HUGE turn on for a home buyer, especially in the entry level home which we are often fixing.