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Welcome to Burnsville, Minnesota where the outdoors, strong history and a multitude of regional attractions collide into the masterpiece that Burnsville has become. Whatever you want to do can be done right here. There is our local mall, the Burnsville center, full of stores and shops for the greatest of mall goers. Snow is ready and waiting for you, and you will love the skiing at the Buck Hill Ski Area. Looking to walk around town and soak up the local history? The streets of our “Heart of the City” area are attractively situated just a few miles south of the Minnesota River and is the home to our Grande Market Square.

We enjoy four seasons in Burnsville, and that includes rain and snow. If you live here, our wet weather could cause issues in your basement.

Basement Repair

Our name tells you everything you need to know. We repair basements, and we are good at it. Our technicians are not only experienced but licensed and trained in the standards of basement repairs. We can efficiently repair cracks in your basement floors or foundations, those problems caused by water damage. We can even help stop the water from all that rain and snow in the area from causing significant damage to your basement.

Foundation and Basement Water Control

When you think about Burnsville, think about water. Our weather can sneak water into your basement through cracks in the walls or foundation. We are experts in our wet and beautiful city. We know what to do about leaks and flooding and will not only get the excess water out of your basement but stop and fix the problems so it doesn’t keep happening. You need a dry basement; we can make that happen for you by installing water control systems to control the excess water.

Foundation Damage

Rain and snow are continually changing the moisture levels in the ground around the foundation of your home. In time, these changes can damage your foundation which could begin to cause structural damage to the rest of your home. All of this foundation movement causes cracks in the foundation walls, floors, and ceilings, becoming the entryway for unwanted water and further damage to your home. Repairing damaged, shifting or sinking foundations is right up our alley.

Crack Repair

Basement foundation cracks, whether in the walls or floor, don’t always put your home at a structural risk, but in our wet city, they put your home at risk for leaks, mold and water damage. Cracks can also allow insects and toxic gases from the soil around your house to make their way into your domain and put you and your family at risk for illness. If you start to notice cracks in your basement, give us a call and let us not only tell you which fissures are an issue but fill in those cracks as well using the right method for the breaks involved and keep them from causing any further damage to your basement or home.

Egress Window Installation

What is an Egress window? An Egress window is a window that is made specially to make it easier for help to get in, or for you to get out of your home in the event of an emergency. Egress windows have a specific purpose, so their installation has their own set of safety rules. Our experts are not only trained in the installation of egress Windows but are entirely knowledgeable on the laws that govern their installation, and we install them correctly.

Crawl Space Repair

Are you having problems with a leaky crawl space? Does your crawl space need some major help? Don’t fret. Yes, at Basement Repair Specialists, we take care of crawl spaces as well. Not only can we fix any crawl space issues you may be having, but we can also actually make your crawl space structurally sound and turn it into extra home storage are to keep your spare belongings dry and secure. Not only will this additional storage area be of help to you, but it could also increase the value of your home. Who doesn’t want extra storage? We can make it happen for you and any potential buyers you may have in the future.

Are you having some problems with your basement? Do you want more out of your basement and crawl space? Contact us, Basement Repair Specialist, YOUR Burnsville, MN basement repair specialists. Call 855-554-RAIN or hit the Contact us button and let us show you what we can do.