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Lake Elmo

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Homeowners in Lake Elmo, Minnesota are fortunate indeed. From the stunning beauty of Sunfish Park to the outdoor wonders of Lake Elmo Park Reserve, residents have a seemingly endless variety of activities available to them. Fishing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and swimming will keep any outdoor enthusiast happy. Add in the exceptional dining and cultural events available, and Lake Elmo stands out as a fantastic place to live.

Even in this slice of paradise, however, difficulties occasionally arise for homeowners. Lake Elmo averages almost 50 inches of snowfall each year, which can quickly lead to flooding and other issues. If you find yourself facing problems with your basement, crawlspace, or foundation, Basement Repair Specialists are here to help. Adhering to our trademarked motto “A Great Job At A Great Price,” we will provide you with excellent service in all of the following areas.

Basement Repair

As our name indicates, basement repair is one of the primary services that we offer. If you have basement walls that are leaning rather than standing straight, we will come in and take care of it. With our fleet of trucks and machinery, we will start the job right by excavating and preparing the site properly. We then straighten the walls with an effective system of jacks before we waterproof to keep water away from your newly-plumb walls.

Sinking Foundation

No homeowner ever wants to hear these words. But the fact remains that sometimes foundations do shift and sink a bit. This issue can feel overwhelming, but we are ready to step up and get it done for you, expertly and for a fair price. Basement Repair Specialists use the patented PierTech systems to repair and stabilize your sinking foundation so you will be on sure footing again.

Foundation Cracks

The experts at Basement Repair Specialists get calls to help with foundation cracks after water starts to leak through. We’re happy to come to the rescue at that point, but we love being able to help before it reaches this critical point. We will inspect the foundation to be sure there isn’t an overall structural problem before repairing the cracks. Even if breaks are not yet allowing water into the basement or crawlspace, they are a problem since they can enable dangerous gases such as radon to enter the home. So don’t hesitate. Give us a call and let us come to give you a free estimate so you can put your mind at ease.

Crawl Spaces

Do you have unused space under your home that could become a valuable room for storage? The team at Basement Repair Specialists can help solve that problem. We will meet with you for a free consultation and set a plan for creating a usable crawl space for you. By stabilizing and straightening walls, providing waterproofing, and installing sump pumps, we can get you some valuable storage space.

Egress Windows

Interested in turning your basement into usable space? Want to add up-to-code square footage? Installing a legal egress window or two can accomplish these goals. Imagine how great it will be to have your dark, enclosed basement suddenly full of light and fresh air. Basement Repair Specialists would love to help out. We provide:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete cutting
  • Installation
  • Framing
  • Backfilling

You will love what this simple addition can do for your home, so reach out today and let our experts get the job done right for you. And although adding a basement window is its own reward, as a bonus, Basement Repair Specialists supports Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity by donating $25 for every egress window we install in 2018. Help yourself and your local community at the same time!

Water Control for Wet Basements

Wet basements can be an issue all over the country, but especially in places such as Lake Elmo that have high levels of precipitation. With about 80 total inches of rain and snow, basements easily develop water control problems. Basement Repair Specialists can fix these problems for you and fix them the right way. By using appropriate drain tile placement and top-of-the-line sump pumps, our experts provide a water control system that alleviates significant water problems for the homeowner.

Give Us a Call

Basements and crawl spaces are, excuse the pun, low down on most homeowners’ list of essential things to think about. But if you find yourself in need of help, follow the lead of many Lake Elmo residents and reach out today. Basement Repair Specialists is ready to provide you with “A Great Job At A Great Price.”