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One-half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is a cultural hub in the heart of Minnesota. Home to the Mall of America, a whopping 21 art and history museums, and a host of festivals and fairs throughout the year, Minneapolis has something for everyone. Foodies never tire of whetting their palate with the abundance of worldwide fare, and the nightlife is unmatched. Plenty of bright and sunny days enable residents and visitors to enjoy our city’s 13 lakes and the famous Mississippi River, which flows through town. We also receive almost twice the national average of snowfall per year, which leads to exciting sledding opportunities but can be burdensome to local home and business owners. Excess moisture from rain and snowfall cause leaks and other basement and foundation issues.

Basement Repair Specialists offer a variety of foundation, basement, and home repair services at prices you can’t beat. If you live in the beautiful Twin Cities, it is our pleasure to help you with all your basement repair needs.

Foundation and Basement Water Control

If you’ve experienced basement flooding issues in Minneapolis, you’re not alone. The wet and cold winters we undergo commonly cause basements to leak and even flood. Basement Repair Specialists are well-versed in basement and foundation water control methods. We do everything, from excavating the water to fixing the cracks. But we don’t stop there–we’ll protect your space by installing only the best water control systems.

Basement Repair

Basements are a staple of homes in the north. While Minnesotans enjoy the extra space and square footage that basements have to offer, we understand that with the extra room comes the possibility for structural issues. Basement Repair Specialists can fix all of the common basement repair issues, including sagging, buckling, or bowing walls and ceilings; cracks in the floors and walls; and hard to open windows and doors. Our experts have the tools and equipment to excavate, drain large amounts of water, and install new construction to repair your basement and make sure no more damage occurs.

Sinking Foundations

Changing weather patterns cause the soil to shrink and swell, which can damage the foundation of your home. Additionally, all homes settle naturally, and over time, the foundation can start to sink into the ground. Sinking foundations can set off a chain reaction of damage to your home or business, including cracks in the walls, flooring, foundation, and ceiling. Using innovative PierTech anchoring systems, our licensed professionals have the experience and tools to lift and support your foundation back to its former glory.

Egress Window Installation

Laws require egress windows in certain homes and buildings. Specially designed and constructed, these windows and the surrounding opening serves as an emergency fire exit or entrance. The IRC has set strict standards for the installation of egress windows for this very reason. Basement Repair Specialists understand the safety laws and installation requirements needed to build an egress window, and we follow them to the T. When we are finished installing an egress window, we will make sure to return your landscaping to its original state.

Basement Repair Specialists love to give back to the community, and when you hire us to put in your egress windows, you can join in the giving spirit. We’ll give $25 to Habitat for Humanity for every egress window we install in 2018.

Crack Repair

Normal concrete shrinkage and soil freeze and thaw cycles cause shifting, damage, and cracks in your basement walls, ceiling, and foundation. Sometimes, these cracks are merely an eyesore; other times, these fissures allow water and soil leaks to enter your home and can even threaten your home’s structural integrity. Basement Repair Specialists not only determine whether cracks are cosmetic or structural, but we also fix them by applying polyurethane or epoxy seals and carbon fiber staples and straps if extra reinforcement is needed.

Crawl Space Repair

Our Crawlspace Recuperation package includes everything you need to repair and remodel your crawl space to its maximum potential. First, we enclose your crawl space and install a thermal liner, creating a dry storage area and blocking out environmental hazards like soil gasses, pests, and even humidity! We can also evaluate and repair any damage your crawl space has sustained due to cracks, shifting walls and footings, or missing support beams. We can also put water control systems in place, making sure no future leaks occur.

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