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If you own or rent a home or commercial property in Rochester, MN, you are pretty lucky indeed! In Rochester, we enjoy the natural beauty the great Minnesota state has to offer.  Affordable housing, a thriving economy, and the perfectly balanced little-big-city feel of Rochester make it the perfect place to live, work, and play. It’s a perfect place to raise a family.

One of the features of Rochester that residents complain about, though, is the 49 inches of snow we each year.  In addition, there’s an average of 34 inches of rain. All the snow and moisture poses a challenge to homes and commercial property in the area, which makes it essential to have a basement repair company on standby.

Proudly serving Rochester, Minnesota, and surrounding areas, Basement Repair Specialists offer a variety of basement, foundation, and home repair services at extremely competitive prices.

Foundation and Basement Water Control

Have you experienced basement flooding in Rochester, MN? Because of the cold, wet winters in Rochester, flooding and leaking basements and foundations are an issue for many homeowners. Our licensed professionals will fix the leaks and even control future water damage. First, we remove the water from your space. But we don’t stop there—we always repair the damaged structures, and we complete the job by installing the water control system that best suits your home’s needs. We don’t just repair cracks—we keep the water out for good.

Basement Repair

Many homes in Rochester have basements. These extra spaces eventually experience a variety of issues, from basement floor or wall cracks to buckling, bowing, or sagging ceilings and walls.

Using the best equipment in the industry, Basement Repair Specialists can fix all of these issues. From excavation to drainage, to the installation of new structural beams, drain tile, or waterproof membranes, we have to tools repair your basement and prevent further damage.

Sinking Foundations

The wet winters in Rochester cause soil shrinkage and swelling, which can damage a home’s foundation. In turn, sinking and settling foundations spawn a host of annoying and potentially dangerous issues, such as fissures in the floor and walls, cracks in the ceiling, and sticking windows and doors. Basement Repair Specialists use state-of-the-art PierTech anchoring systems to repair, lift, and support your shifting foundation.

Egress Window Installation

When installing egress windows, it’s imperative to get the job done right, as these windows act as an emergency entry and exit in case of fire or other disasters. The law requires egress windows in some cases, and installation must follow strict IRC standards. We do all the work by the book to provide you with safe and legal egress window installation. When we’re finished, we’ll make sure to restore the surrounding landscape to as close to its pre-construction state as possible. When you hire Basement Repair Specialists to install your egress windows, you also help us pour back into our community. For every egress window we install in 2018, we’re giving $25 back to Habitat for Humanity.

Crack Repair

Cracks in the ceiling, walls, or foundation can be caused by soil movement from freeze and thaw cycles or normal concrete shrinkage. These cracks aren’t just an eyesore; they can leak, allowing water, humidity, and radon into your home. More importantly, cracks can threaten the structural integrity of your home. The experts at Basement Repair Specialists can assess whether the cracks in your home are structural threats. If your home needs repair, we have the tools for every job; from epoxy and polyurethane seals for quick crack repair to carbon fiber staples and straps for extra reinforcement. No crack is too large for our experts.

Crawl Space Repair

Basement Repair Specialists offer a complete Crawlspace Recuperation package to transform your crawl space. We fully enclose your crawl space, turning it into a functional dry storage area. Then, we install a thermal liner which will block out water, pests, soil gasses, and humidity. In addition to these services, we assess and repair existing crawl space damage caused by shifting footings, missing support beams, fissures, or bulging walls. Finally, we install water control systems to prevent future leaks and floods.

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