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Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota, where history and the arts meet the great outdoors. Whether you take a trip through history and science at the ever-changing exhibits of the 1907-built Science Museum of Minnesota or enjoy some exercise along the seven-mile Bruce Vento regional trail, there is no shortage of things to do in Minnesota’s capital city. In St. Paul, we enjoy 194 days of sun per year, with rain or snow occurring 61 days on average. If you own a home in the Twin Cities, you know that those 61 long days of moisture have the potential to wreak havoc on your basement and foundation.

Thankfully, the experts at Basement Repair Specialists offer almost every basement and foundation service you can think of, from sump pump installation to foundation repairs. If you’re in need of basement repair in St. Paul, MN, look no further than Basement Repair Specialists.

Basement Repair

At Basement Repair Specialists, we know a thing or two (okay, we know a lot of things) about basement repair. Our professionals are licensed and experienced, and we use current engineering standards for all our repairs. Some of our basement repair services include fixing bowing or buckling walls; repairing cracks in the basement floor, walls, or ceiling; and making sure you can open those stuck doors and windows once more.

Foundation and Basement Water Control

When it rains or snows in St. Paul, stormwater can sneak in through cracks in your foundation or walls. Have you experienced a leak or flood in your basement that left the walls and flooring soaked and damaged? Basement Repair Specialists know just what to do to control the flooding situation in your home. When you hire us, we’ll get rid of the water, fix the issues that led to the moisture or flooding issues in your basement, and install the best water control systems on the market.

Sinking Foundations

We all enjoy being able to experience four seasons in St. Paul, but all that shrinking and swelling of the soil as the moisture levels change can cause severe damage to a home’s foundation. Furthermore, most houses settle over time, which often results in the foundation sinking deeper into the ground. These changes in the foundation sometimes cause major damage and even safety concerns. Basement Repair Specialists know how to repair sinking and damaged foundations and the issues that come with it. We are a proud dealer of PierTech anchoring systems, a leading manufacturer of helical piering accessories.

Crack Repair

Cracks in your foundation or basement ceiling and walls are often non-structural, meaning they don’t compromise the safety and structure of the home. Other times, cracks and fissures caused by concrete shrinkage, freeze and thaw cycles, or poor construction can allow moisture, insects, or even toxic gasses in the soil to leak in. Even worse, some fissures threaten the safety of your walls and flooring. At Basement Repair Specialists, we can help you determine which cracks matter and which ones don’t. And by applying epoxy or polyurethane seals, carbon fiber staples, or carbon fiber straps for heavy-duty reinforcement, we can give you the assurance you that those cracks cause no further damage.

Egress Window Installation

Egress windows add an element of safety to your home by providing a safe and effective exit or entrance in case of a fire emergency. Because egress windows exist for a very specific purpose, the installation is governed by a stringent set of safety rules set by the IRC. Our Basement Repair Specialists experts know the laws and regulations concerning the installation of egress windows, and we follow them by the book. And for every egress window we install in 2018, we will give back $25 to Habitat for Humanity.

Crawl Space Repair

Whether your crawl space is damaged, leaky, or needs a major remodel, we have the right tools for the job. We even offer a trademarked Crawlspace Recuperation package. Let us convert your crawl space into a functional dry storage area by encapsulating the space and installing a thick thermal liner. We will repair bowed or bulging crawl space walls, cracks, and settling or missing footings, ensuring that your crawl space is structurally sound. Finally, we will install a water control system, stopping future leaks before they start.

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