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Basement Repair Specialists LLC Awarded Grip-tite® Dealership

Basement Repair Specialists LLC announces that it has it has received the prestigious honor of being awarded a Grip-Tite® dealership. Grip-Tite® has been manufacturing earth anchoring systems for over 88 years and is an industry leader in quality tools and construction productions that hold better and last longer, thanks to patented technology.

Not everyone can earn the Grip-Tite ® Dealership designation. Basement Repair Specialists had to undergo a rigorous selection process and demonstrate both competence and confidence in our field. Grip-Tite ® only adds a company to their dealership list after the company’s representatives have undergone extensive training. Being a certified Grip-Tite ® dealer means that Basement Repair Specialists is licensed and trained in the Grip-Tite products. It also indicates that Basement Repair Specialists can offer its customers the top quality Grip-Tite products for the longest lasting superior performance. It’s one more way that Basement Repair Specialists goes out of its way to do “A Great Job at a Great Price!®”

“We are pleased to offer our high-quality installation services alongside the excellent products and dealer support that Grip-Tite® has to offer,” said owner Bob Brugger. “We now add resistance piers, helical piers, and slab piers to our already extensive line-up of foundation solutions.”

Piers are long shafts of metal and brackets that are screwed into the soil to a predetermined torque and depth. They are placed under the slab or footing to stabilize it and lift the foundation. Helical piers, in particular, are gaining popularity as a cost-effective and time-saving solution that is not as invasive as additional excavation but is just as effective.

Basement Repair Specialists has sales offices in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Madison, WI. The company is a basement and foundation repair contractor that is headquartered and maintains production facilities in Appleton and Grand Chute, WI.

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