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How would you like to take unusable, dirty and dusty, bug-filled space and turn it into usable dry and clean storage space for your personal items? Basement Repair Specialists has the answer with its exclusive Crawlspace Recuperation™ package. We’ll schedule a free estimate for you with one of our knowledgeable professionals, and put together a comprehensive package of repairs and improvements for your crawl space that may include:

  • Encapsulating the crawl space to block out odors, humidity, soil gasses, pests and more. We install a heavy duty foil lined 90 mil liner—4-8 times thicker than many competitors!! This also acts as a thermal blanket, improving the energy performance of your house.
  • Repairing any structural issues in the crawl space such as cracks, bulging or bowing walls, sinking or settling footings, or missing supports.
  • Installing water control systems such as drain tile, drainage boards, sump pump systems and sump pump backups, either on the inside or the outside of the crawl space.
  • Dehumidifying the crawl space utilizing the latest in professional grade dehumidification equipment, installed by our highly qualified technicians.

Our team at Basement Repair Specialists looks forward to working with you to turn your crawl space into a bright and happy place! Check out some pictures, before and after, of the Crawlspace Recuperation™ system in action: