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Egress Windows – A Line of Safety for your Family

The other evening I had the opportunity to work with one of our project managers, and it so happened that the project we were asked to bid was an egress (escape) window. The homeowners were engaged in a rather extensive remodeling of the basement, turning it into a very livable …

Avoiding the Sharks

I often compare our industry to the automotive repair business.  How many of us go with our car to the repair shop with a stalling engine, or a jerky transmission, or some other problem only to find out that the cost of the suggested repair is many thousands of dollars? …

Why Basement Repair Specialists Generally Advocates Helical Piles

Individuals faced with the prospect of spending many thousands of dollars repairing a sinking or settling foundation have an important decision to make—helical piles or push piers? A homeowner’s decision is made, normally, with the information provided by the companies selling the work to the homeowner. This process, depending on the skill and …

The Right Approach to Water Control in Your Basement

I thought long and hard about writing this article regarding our approach to water control in basements. Our company, Basement Repair Specialists, uses “water control” to describe our approach to mitigating moisture problems in basements. By the way we are not original in that regard. “Water control” is the term many reputable …

Heavy Rain Drenches Fox Cities

Appleton, which received more than three inches of rain since midnight on Sunday, broke a record for high temperatures on Sunday when the mercury hit 55 degrees, Gorczany said. The mild temperatures won’t last long though. As rain moves out of the area, cold air will take its place. Gorczany …

Brs Enterprises Announces New Website In Minnesota

BRS Enterprises, Basement Repair Specialists’ Minnesota affiliate, announces that its new website domain is now online. Basement Repair Specialists has offices and production facilities in Appleton and Grand Chute, WI, and contracts for projects throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota through its affiliates.

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