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Brs Enterprises Announces New Website In Minnesota

One of the fastest-growing and most reliable and affordable basement and foundation repair contractors in Wisconsin has expanded its operations into Minnesota. Basement Repair Specialists has opened two Minnesota offices, one in Lake Elmo and another in Burnsville.

To better serve Minnesota customers, Basement Repair Specialists has launched the website This site takes Minnesota customers directly to the Basement Repair Specialists locations in their state, so they can more easily and quickly find these certified contractors to assist them with their basement and foundation repair needs. It also means that it is easier to find Basement Repair Specialists for customers who do a general internet search for basement repair in Minnesota.

The Basement Repair Specialists Minnesota Lake Elmo location is at 8530 Eagle Point Blvd, Suite 100 in Lake Elmo, and can be reached by calling 612-216-6262. For Burnside customers, you can find the Basement Repair Specialists location nearest you at 1559 Southcross Drive in Burnsville. They can be contacted directly at 952-467-6054.

Using a basement repair contractor that is local has many benefits. First, you support your local economy and community. Basement Repair Specialists contractors in Lake Elmo and Burnsville live, work, and pay taxes to your local area and are valued members of your communities.

Second, they are very familiar with the unique challenges Minnesota’s climate creates for your home’s basement and foundation. The Twin Cities area receives a lot of rain and snow, and the ground’s moisture can lead to foundation problems over time. Add to that the changing temperatures with the freeze-thaw-refreeze cycle, and foundation cracks and shifts are bound to happen, no matter how well-built your home is. Burnsville and Lake Elmo are beautiful, but with the natural beauty comes the necessity of paying attention to your home’s foundation. Basement Repair Specialists’ Minnesota offices can help you with basement waterproofing, complete basement repair, stabilizing your foundation, and more.

Basement Repair Specialists in Minnesota always provides free consultations and estimates. They will work with homeowners to find the most affordable and most effective solutions for such problems as water leaking or seeping into your basement, foundation cracks in your floor or walls, sinking or shifting foundation, or making your basement more usable and comfortable by adding legal egress windows. As always, we will provide “A Great Job at a Great Price.”

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