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Green Bay

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Green Bay is an incredible place to live! There are beautiful sights and fun places, but we all know what winter is like, lots of snow. Even with the cold, Green Bay is a fantastic place to live and play.

However, the weather can be an issue for home and property owners. Basement Repair Specialists want to be your go-to company to deal with any problems the weather might bring. Basement Repair Specialists offers expert help for many home issues including basement, foundation, and home repair services.


If your basement has flooded, our experts have the experience and the knowledge to fix it correctly and even control for potential water damage down the line. From removing the water from the basement to repairing the damaged structures and installing a water control system, we do it all.


Unfortunately, problems and issues in your basement are common. We have the best equipment available, and we can fix just about anything from floor or wall cracks to buckling or sagging ceilings and walls. We will excavate, deal with drainage, install new structural beams, and waterproof membranes.


With the amount of moisture we get between snow and rain, soil shrinkage and swelling is an all too common problem. This change can cause damage to your home’s foundation, which creates a variety of other issues like cracks or fissures in the ceiling or wall and sticking windows or doors. At Basement Repair Specialists, we use the PierTech anchoring system to lift, repair, and support your foundation.


A vital job that can save lives is installing an egress window. An egress window provides a safe entry or exit in case of an emergency. There are strict standards that govern the installation of these windows, and we make sure to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. After installation, we make every effort to restore your landscaping.


If soil movement has caused cracks in your ceilings, walls, or foundations, Basement Repair Specialists will assess the extent of the damage and repair what needs fixing. These cracks can leak which lets water, humidity, and radon to get into your house. Some cracks can even put the integrity of your home at risk. Whether you need epoxy for superficial cracks or carbon fiber staples and straps to reinforce severe damage, we have the tools required for a job well done.

We also offer a complete Crawlspace Recuperation Package to rejuvenate your crawl space completely. We will enclose your crawl space, install a thermal liner to keep out excess water, pests, soil gasses, and humidity, and we will repair any existing damage. You will gain extra storage place and peace of mind.

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