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Madison is one of Wisconsin’s special places. As the home of the University of Wisconsin, and the Capital of the state, Madison is full of people from all walks of life. And because it’s tucked between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, it’s a natural draw for outdoor sports and recreation. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family.

But ask anyone who has lived in Madison, and they will tell you that one of its prominent features is the snow. 43 inches of the white stuff; on top of 35 inches annually of rain making Madison a city prone to basement troubles.

Basement Repair Specialists understand the challenges all this moisture brings to Madison, and are proud to offer a wide variety of home repair services, particularly regarding the basement and foundation of your home.  


Our professional crew at Basement Repair Specialists comes in and removes unwanted water from your space, but that’s not the end of our service. We will find and identify the problem areas that are causing the water situation. We repair leaks, restore cracks, and we install a water control system that is best for your particular case.  


Basements are common in Madison. But along with the additional living and storage space, come the problems that too much moisture can bring. Some of the issues we address include sagging ceilings and walls that are buckling or bowing.  

We use the best equipment found in our industry. And we see the project from excavation and drainage all the way to the materials and structural pieces needing installation, whether that’s drain tile, new structural beams, or waterproof membranes.  


There are times that the moisture in the soil causes so much shrinking and swelling that the foundation of a home becomes damaged. When you choose our specialists, you’ll be getting expert technicians who use state of the art PierTech anchoring systems to lift, repair and support the foundation of your home.  


The laws regarding emergency entry and exit availability in basements can vary from one location to another, but be assured that our specialists will follow the strict IRC standards.  Here’s a job that you don’t want to leave to chance. And when we finish, your landscaping is restored to its original condition or as close as possible.


It’s vital that you have correct information about any cracks you see in the basement. Some may be superficial, and others may be the beginning of serious problems. Cracks can leak through to the surface and allow moisture, and even radon into your home. Our specialists determine the threat level of cracks to decide whether or not they are eyesores or structural threats, and then have the tools needed to repair the job.


If your home has a crawl space, transform it into a true dry-storage center. We can fully enclose it and then add a thermal liner which will block out just about everything that could cause problems. No more water, gasses or pests. And we can install a water control system to control any future flooding. Talk to us about our Crawlspace Recuperation package.  


There’s a reason “A Great Job at a Great Price” is our slogan. No matter the size of the project, the professionals at Basement Repair Specialists are prepared to offer top-notch service. Fill out a contact form for a free consultation and estimate. Or call us today at 855-554-RAIN (855-554-7246)