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If you are one of the lucky folks who call Milwaukee, WI home, then you probably agree with us that it is a great place to live. Nestled on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has so much to offer. With museums, restaurants, professional sports, and, of course, breweries, Milwaukee is the perfect spot to call home.

But with its beautiful location on the lake comes some not-so-beautiful weather. And this weather can impact the safety and integrity of your home. Milwaukee receives an average of 34 inches of rain and 45 inches of snow each year. That is a whole lot of precipitation, and some of it may head directly toward your foundation and basement. That’s why Basement Repair Specialists is proud to serve the residents of Milwaukee, WI, to ensure your basements stay dry and safe year-round.


Water Control for Foundations and Basements

With so much moisture and precipitation in Milwaukee, you may experience basement flooding during the wet winter season. Many homeowners try to power through and wait for things to dry out, but Basement Repair Specialists is here with a better solution. After stopping any leaks or water control emergencies, we create a plan for you that repairs the damage, including foundation cracks, and prevents future water intrusion. Our expert technicians will work tirelessly to solve your water control problems.


Basement Repair

Since it is literally in our name, it will come as no surprise that we are experts at repairing damage in your basement. A basement is a fantastic asset in your Milwaukee home until it isn’t. Leaks, cracks, sagging walls, and damaged or missing egress windows all create problems for the homeowner. And these repair jobs usually are not well-suited for DIY projects.


Our top-of-the-line processes, equipment, and staff are just what you need to get your basement in good shape. We offer excavation, drainage, window installation, pump installation, and waterproofing to return your basement to top form.


Cracks and Sinking Foundations

Hearing about foundation problems is a nightmare for any Milwaukee, WI, homeowner, but Basement Repair Specialists will take care of these problems for you. Wet and cold Milwaukee winters cause the soil to shrink and shift, leading to foundation cracks and sinking. As an authorized PierTech Systems dealer, we have the latest and best technology at our fingertips to solve your foundation woes.


Egress Window Installation

Basement windows typically are not the first thing on a homeowner’s mind, but they are worth considering. In addition to the obvious aesthetic bonus of adding natural light to a dark basement, egress windows provide an extra layer of safety as they offer a way out of the house in case of fire or another emergency. In some places, depending on the basement dimensions, adding a legal egress window can allow the homeowner to claim the space as a bedroom for resale purposes. And to make an egress window installation even better, Basement Repair Specialists donates $25 to Habitat for Humanity for each window we install.


Crawl Space Repair

The crawl space may be the most neglected part of a home. Out of sight, out of mind. But if you are struggling with moisture or flooding problems, your crawl space likely needs attention. And even if you aren’t having any crawl space troubles, Basement Repair Specialists can turn that wet, unused space into a great spot for storage. If your Milwaukee home has an empty, damp crawl space, give us a call and let us turn it into usable space for you.


“A Great Job at a Great Price”

For workmanship you can trust in Milwaukee, WI, turn to Basement Repair Specialists. From beginning to end, for big jobs and small, we are here to serve you.